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Examples of Animated Video Explainers

5 Great Examples of Animated Video Explainers
Animated explainer videos are an excellent and efficient way to get content across to your target audiences. They are short, simple and straight to the point, making your product or service easy to understand. You are able to customize the video with images and words of choice. These videos range from 30-90 seconds; translating into around a 200 word script/dialogue. Below are sample explainer videos to give an idea and feel of what it will look like.

1. STUDENT HUT - Video giving a run-down of college courses for students to review classes before deciding on their selections

2. NEXTGLASS- Video explaining how a wine and beer finder application works

3. REMOVEMYJUNK.US - Video ad of a cleaning/moving service

4. PINTEREST- Video explaining a popular crafts website

5. PG&E SOLAR - Video explaining a solar billing service

Animated Explainer Videos are one of the best ways to engage with your audience. They help customers understand your product or service while promoting your business. A company like Zakkour Technology Group can transform any idea you may have into one of these videos. If you want to be a big player in your industry, explainer videos are an easy way to get out there and be seen.

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The Importance of Mobile Apps for business

Mobile App Developer Miami | Zakkour Technology Group

The Importance of Mobile Apps for Businesses

It's no secret that, in a world that is rapidly adapting accessible, user-friendly technology on an unparalleled scale, the importance of having a mobile app for your business is now more vital and critical than ever before, and in some cases it can even be a make-or-break affair for companies that are hesitant or too slow to take advantage of this ever-expanding trend.

What was once a practice used solely by the big name brands, such as Bank of America and Walmart, is now becoming more commonplace in regard to small and mid-sized businesses starting to take advantage of the many benefits that mobile application development currently offers. We live in an entrepreneurial age and it goes without saying that the competition these days is harsh and tough, especially considering the rapidly evolving and dynamic environment that business owners now find themselves in. With all that being said, there are still plenty of people that are overlooking the importance of mobile apps, which in turn leaves a grand opportunity for those of us whom are willing to seize this moment and, in doing so, not only build up a stronger brand, better marketing opportunities and relations with customers, but also leap far ahead of competitors while doing so.

Data shows that the average American spends over two hours per day on their mobile devices. It is not unusual to see dozens of people a day using their smart phones in almost every aspect of daily life, no matter what part of the world you're in. Of course, the entirety of that usage is not time spent dedicated solely to using apps, but statistics show that it is already a large percentage of total usage and, as people continue to become more tech-savvy and dependent on technology, this statistic is undoubtedly going to prove to grow and increase further into the future.

The benefits of having a mobile app can help literally any kind of business regardless of what niche the company specializes in, there are no discriminations and the few obstacles that do exist can easily be overcome with a little creativity and the right developers and marketers behind it. At first glance, the most obvious benefit of having a mobile app is the fact that it reinforces the brand's image whilst building customer loyalty. There are not many other useful tools thoughout the digital medium that help portray a sense of professionalism to customers in a way that is comparable to the extent of a mobile apps impression. 

Admittedly, mobile app development may seem like a daunting task for people that do not already possess any prior experience. Such a relatively new method of marketing and operation often comes with some confusion in regard to businesses being unsure at first of how they want to develop their app in a way that best suits the needs of their niche. There are so many different possibilities in app development available and an almost limitless amount of paths of creation that can be followed. This may seem overwhelming at first, but in reality this is a huge advantage due to the pure flexibility that having such an 'open canvas' offers.

An existing company that has already established its worth and built a reputation through other channels has already solved half the battle, the only missing piece is finding a professional and adept team of mobile app developers to help make any existing ideas come to fruition in the form of a functional, polished mobile app. If executed correctly, here are just a handful of the benefits that can be gained for both the business and customer:

Benefits of a mobile app for Businesses:

Building a stronger foundation for brand loyalty and reinforcing customer relationships.

Increased visibility and accessibility: customers will not only be able to find a business quicker and easier, they will also be able to access it easier which of course can prove extremely advantageous in regard to increasing conversion rates.

Enhanced social networking campaign capabilities and creation of avenues that provide lines of communication between the business and target audience. Customers can easily be notified of upcoming promotions and be made aware of new products and services.

Collection of data and new insight of analytics regarding customer behavior: This can be in the form of things such as opt-in text messages or mailing lists. As long as it's not obstructive and annoying, asking customers to provide information about themselves offers businesses a great way of learning more about their target audience and the people who are currently using their mobile application.

Benefits of a mobile app for Customers:

Easier access to a business's services and inventory.

Notifications of special events, discounts, promotions, and more. This is one of the many benefits that is great for both parties, the customer has access to great deals for products they are already interested in and, in doing so, provide the business with an increase of sales.

Instant access to contact and location information. Gone are the days of confusing and misleading directions, customers can now find businesses more conveniently than ever before.

Access to product and service catalogues allowing customers to compare prices and find the best deals for items they are in search for. Customers can plan their purchases before even entering the store.

It is now easy to see the wide range of advantages and benefits that mobile apps offer both businesses and customers. With the market growing at an increasingly rapid rate, there will prove to be many more benefits to come and existing business models will surely prove to be even more powerful in the future.

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5 Essential iOS 8 Apps You Need To Download

5 Essential iOS 8 Apps You Need To Download:

Whether you've bought the new iPhone 6 or have updated to Apple's latest iOS 8.0.2 software, there are newly released and modified apps that you should definitely take advantage of. The latest update gives users access to a wide range of new features including third-party keyboards, notification widgets, extensions, Siri hands-free activation and much more. Though most developers have only just begun to roll out iOS 8 optimized updates and apps, the best mobile app development companies are WAY ahead of the game. Here are five that are worth checking out right now:

1.   1Password - A great option for anyone who wants to make managing all of his or her passwords easy. The app's updated version creates an extension that allows users to fill in login credentials directly from Safari as well as other apps. 1Password also uses the touch ID feature, so users can unlock their password with a single tap. To summarize, this app now allows you to secure ALL passwords/login-information behind a single encrypted password that only you can decrypt. Plus it is completely free for a limited time so don't miss out!

2.   Swift Key – A nifty app that replaces your devices old built in keyboard and in turn minimizes the amount of typing. It learns your personal writing style, which allows for a more accurate autocorrect and next-word prediction. This application only continues to get smarter over time and a huge benefit is that it’s smooth, clean and simple to use.

3.   Yahoo Weather – An app that gives users even more reason to check the weather every morning. It has many impressive features such as modern parallax scrolling when flipping between cities, windmills that spin faster or slower based on the actual current wind speed and notifications daily of the changing weather. This application includes an animated widget for the “today” view such as sunrises or sunsets. It also uses actual images of your location taken from Flickr’s photo library as well was weather-specific illustrations like rain, snow or fog. You can even submit your own photo of the day by uploading them to Flickr and hash tagging “ ProjectWeather “.
4.   Evernote – This app provides an extension that allows users in Safari to save documents, photos, PDF’s and really anything else as a note. Whenever you’re on a webpage or are reading an article that you’d like to save, tap the share icon, choose Evernote and save it to your notes for easy access later. Simple as that. Also an added cool feature searches through your recent viewings while you type to find other notes in your account that might be related to what you’re currently doing. These notes appear below the note you’re looking at in the Related Notes section. It’s a great way to rediscover useful content you may have forgotten about.

5.   Personal Gofer – An app that allows you to get your To-Do list done, without actually having to do anything yourself. This “errand network” app offers maid services, driver services, moving assistance, personal assistance, handymen, nanny’s, event staff and much more. Basically you can get anything and everything you want, whenever you want. The people (Gofers) you hire are screened with background checks and are local in your neighborhood communities. You post a task, get a Gofer assigned and pay once its done.

How To Make A Billion Dollar App

 Step-By-Step Guide:
How To Make A Billion Dollar Mobile App:

You decide to create a mobile application, but does it have that edge that differentiates the most successful apps from the rest of them? Of course when first starting there's one thing that you cannot ignore, and that is building a product that customers will actually want or need. But what exactly causes an app to become a roaring billion-dollar success like WhatsAppInstagramGrubhub and many others who have risen to the occasion. Here are a few tips to put you on the right track:
Create A Great Product
Mobile App Development MiamiThe best apps are simplistic in design and focus on an intuitive user experience. People don't want to read instructions, they want to open your app and have it be self-explanatory. To begin, It’s vital that your app is either original, solves a problem, provides entertainment or adds benefit to existing popular apps.  It’s crucial to create a great product in this competitive field or simply no one will download it. Naturally, to achieve the best product you will want the best mobile app development company to help create and maintain the success of the app. 
 Friends, Friends and More Friends

Many people don’t realize how beneficial incorporating a viral mechanism into the core functionality of the app can be. The goal is for each user to potentially attract a network of new users by inviting them through social media or their own personal contact book. The app is much more engaging when users are able to connect with others. Look at Snapchat and Instagram, both apps are only enjoyable if users can get their friends to use it too. That is how to create popularity and really, a never-ending new user base. This takes us to the next point, choosing the right market.
 Choosing The Right Market, Along With The Right Marketing
There are nearly 2 million mobile apps on the market, how do you make yours stand out? As obvious as it seems, one of greatest factors in marketing your app successfully is making sure that potential users know it even exists. By working with a company like Zakkour Technology Group you can receive professional digital marketing services from the same team that develops your mobile application. The first step is to identify what type of application you are seeking to advertise and whom your consumers are. There are many ways to shine light on your app to get it the attention it will need from the consumers who really want it. Click here for more information about digital marketing services.

One final, but essential aspect of creating a billion dollar app is continuous quality from the moment you first release your app to weeks, months and even years down the road. The goal is to keep the users as long-term clients, but to achieve this you need proper stability, security, speed and functionality. These four things contribute to the users over all experience and determine if they will continue to use the app. Consistency as well as keeping up to date with all the new trends is a key to success.

Be Awesome.

Overall there is no one secret formula, but rather some simple guidelines to help you through the process. By applying these principles, you will find yourself on the road to app success. And while mobile apps are continuing to change our lives and the ways we interact with technology, it means there is always something that can be developed into a new billion-dollar idea.

For more information on Mobile App Development or to take your idea from a dream to reality visit our website and set up a consultation with one of our mobile application experts. 

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How To Create A Successful Mobile Application

mobile app development miami

How To Create A Successful Mobile Application

There are many factors that play into whether your mobile application is perceived as average or as being one that can’t live without. To start, the most important part of making your app stand out above the thousands of others is the quality of user experience (user interface).

The user experience ties into how the app looks, how easy the app is to use and what it does for the user. The best apps are aesthetically unique, take advantage of the phone's hardware, are fast, easy to use, and make life easier or more fun.

mobile app development miamiThe next step in having a successful mobile application is marketing. The way you go about advertising your app is crucial in gaining peoples initial interest to download the app. Your app needs a strategic action plan in place that will efficiently boost your audience through social media, online videos, your personal website and other web resources.

Another important part of creating a successful mobile app is working with the Best Mobile App Development Company. It is estimated that 70 billion iPhone and Android apps will be downloaded worldwide throughout 2014 and the demand is only increasing. At 70 billion downloads, that is around 10 downloaded apps for every person in the world. So picking a mobile application company that has proven results is essential. 

A company like Zakkour Technology Group can work hand-in-hand with you. They will discuss your initial concept with you and add creative input based on their experience. You can see the success generated for their many other clients who they have created custom applications and websites for on their website. With a team that specializes in interface design and development with IOS and Android platforms, a technology company such as Z.T.G. can guarantee the success of your mobile app.

Why Your Online Business Needs An SEO Company

Best Seo Companies in Miami

Why Your Online Business Needs An SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential component of a successful web marketing campaign in 2014. SEO is one of the proven methods used to ensure that the right people can find your business or product online.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is a combination of strategies and techniques used to increase the amount of targeted traffic to a website by obtaining high ranking placement in search engine results. People use search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo every day to find products or services they need. When a user types a word or phrase into the search bar, the results are displayed in a specific order as Google or Bing’s search algorithm tries to determine the best sites that relate to what the user is looking for. 

We use proven techniques to get results for our clients, including on-site optimization of meta data, continuous development of syndicated content, social media optimization and more, which is why we have been reviewed as the Best SEO Company in Miami.

Why you need the BEST SEO company:
Best SEO companies in Miami
One of the first things to understand about SEO is that it's an essential aspect of the marketing process. 
The techniques involved improve the quality and reach of your marketing while increase the accuracy in which you target leads. 
Everyday more people are gravitating towards the Internet to find anything and everything. Almost all businesses will benefit from an online presence and that’s why it's crucial to find a reputable SEO company that knows how to develop online content properly.  If you want to ensure that more customers will be able to find and visit your website then you need to have a company with knowledge of current SEO practices who can optimize your site regularly. Lastly, when looking for the best seo company, you should expect some of the following from whomever you choose:
  • Communication
  • Proven results of other clients
  • Ongoing reporting of progress
  • An understanding of your business needs
  •  Knowledge of changing algorithms

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Mobile App Development Miami: Companies VS Freelancers

Mobile App Development Miami: Companies VS Freelancers

mobile app development miami

When deciding between using a freelancer or professional app development company, there are varies things you should consider.  

  Here are some guidelines that will help you recognize the differences between hiring a freelance designer or a reputable web design company:

  •  Freelancers normally only work part time.
  • Are not restricted to any specific customer satisfaction policies.
  • Are individuals, and do not have the support of an entire team of professionals. 


·      You will have the benefit of an entire team of web designers and web developers with more expertise and recourses than just one person.
·      Professional firms are more knowledgeable of current web trends and programming languages and therefore tend to be able to provide you with a better up to date web solution.

·      Can offer more services such as web consulting, hosting packages, search engine optimization, special ecommerce solutions and management.

When deciding to move forward with a mobile app development project there a number of key reasons why you should work with a team rather than just an individual. You want people who can design and develop the best version of the project you are looking to create not just any version. When you hire a freelancer for an app development project the only benefit is a lower upfront price (some of the time). But the money that you’ll be saving is not worth what you’ll potentially be giving up. The extra investment in paying for a team of people who can use their combined mobile app development expertise to make the best possible product for you will give your project the highest chance at success. 

More information on finding the best mobile app development company